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This is not a web site  produced by or supported by Kirby® in any way nor is it designed to promote the sales of any Kirby® products. This is a training and recruiting site for The Marketing Discovery Zone ®. All sales are done by authorized KIRBY® representatives and on in home sales only!

Factory-warranted Kirby machines are never advertised or sold by retail stores or over the Internet as such sources are unauthorized. Additionally, these unauthorized sources cannot offer the benefit of The Kirby Company’s quality product protection, as only machines sold by authorized distributorships are covered by The Kirby Company’s warranty plan.


Deep Clean Your Home with The Kirby® System!

Cleaning takes on a whole new meaning with the Kirby Sentria® II home care system and accessories. Designed to deep clean, protect and maintain the value of your home, a Kirby vacuum is a leader in the industry that outlasts the competition every time.

  • Our vacuums are constructed with durable die-cast aluminum parts that will stand up to years of tough use.
  • More than just a vacuum. The Kirby system easily converts to 12 different units including a carpet shampoo system.
  • Our systems are rated #1 in reliability by a leading consumer products magazine.
Feature Comparison
 K I R B Y
  Top Shelf
Store Competitor
 HEPA Filtration
  Aluminum Construction
  Feather Light Movement
  Shampoo System
  Lifetime Rebuild Plan
  Made in the USA

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Try the Kirby System in Your Own Home..

We invite you to try the Kirby home care system before making a purchase. For over 98 years, The Kirby Company has sold its home care systems through in-home demonstrations by authorized, independent Distributors.

There's simply no better way to experience the superior cleaning power of the Kirby vacuum than to try it in the comfort of your own home.